About the Webmaster

Hey! I'm Smithy, and this is my personal site! It's gonna look like shit for a good while. And that's ok because it's mine! Expect nonsense, selfshippy bullshit, and the occaisonal pg-13 thought(nothing too nsfw tho i wanna keep that separate) no idea if im gonna be able to make this site mobile optimized or not sorry I will def be talking about most, if not all of my interests which include:

I'm a lurker by nature, so I don't really tend to comment on stuff I like but i do like it!
been living the neet life for the past 3 months after 5 years of food service(which is 3 years too many imo) and while the freedom is nice the lack of money is not
using this as a placeholder pic of me

Why I made this site

I missed out on lots of shit as a kid. Making my own site, buying my own games, and other shit but now that I'm an adult(and own several emulators) I can finally start doing the shit I missed out on! I know nostalgia's a bitch but damnit I didn't even get to have some of it! So i'm making up for lost time and doing it now! and if you're reading this, PIRATE SHIT DO IT NOW THERES AN EMULATOR FOR DAMN NEAR EVERY SYSTEM EVER MADE PLAY THE GAMES YOU COULDN'T AFFORD AS A KID DOWNLOAD SHOWS AND MOVIES OFF THE INTERNET ARCHIVE THEY GOT EVERY FUCKNIG DIGIMON DUB SAVE COPIES OF YOUR FAVE MEDIA TO YOUR PC/PHONE STREAMING SERVICES ARE NOT YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS THEY WILL THROW YOUR FAVE SHIT AWAY PIRATE IT SO YOU'LL NEVER LOSE IT AGAIN DO IT NOW!!!

anyway thanks for coming!

fuck outta here