Fuck Happy Hour, this is Hater Hour!!

this is where i will bitch and moan about shit i hate/shit that pisses me off and nobody's gonna fuckin stop me

why do 99% of anime portrait mods for stardew valley suck ass?? they make every single npc look generic as shit!! THEY KEEP TURNING LINUS, HARVEY AND RASMODIUS INTO CLEAN SHAVEN TWINKS THOSE ARE NOT MY MEN!!!

this is preemptive haterism and i hope i'm proven wrong but from the bits and pieces i've seen about digimon kizuna it feels like one of those "you're an adult now so you don't get to have magival adventures with your friends anymore sorry lol :)" stories and if it is i will be very annoyed i HATE THAT SHIT SO FUCKING MUCH

toei/bandai: uuuu digimon needs to sell more in the west but we dont know how also toei/bandai: barely markets the vital hero in the west while primarily making shit for the be instead but not porting the be to the west, puts the digimon adventure 2020 dub on the fucking WINDOWS STORE FOR LIKE ALMOST 200 DOLLARS INSTEAD OF PUTTING IT ON BLURAY/STREAMING LIKE A DECENT FUCKING COMPANY, SAYS THEY'RE GONNA HAVE AN ENGLISH AND CHINESE TRANSLATION FOR DIGIMON SEEKERS BUT ITS FUCKING MACHINE TRANSLATED AND APPARENTLY THE ENGLISH VERSION OF DIGIMON DREAMERS WILL PROBABLY BE MACHINE TRANSLATED TOO DESPITE THEM CLEARLY HAVING THE FUNDS TO BE ABLE TO HIRE ACTUAL FUCKING TRANSLATORS!! fucking hell they keep doing shit lik digimoncon where they say its for everyone but damn near every piece of merch from it on premium bandai is japan only and its exhausting to have to rely mainly on proxy services to get the shit that they dont just have in stores

they gotta stop setting frye up in splatfests someone at nintendo hates my babygirl and i will not stand for it!!! they gotta make splatfests regional again so maybe we can get some better themes

when i was at the mall i work at in august they had halloween decorations and i was like "why don't these assholes wait for october??" it's the day before halloween and they got fucking christmas shit up what the actual hell

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